The head of the company Xiaomi phone uses a Redmi Note 7 for the nut in the video in slow motion

Redmi Note 7

Must have phone Redmi Note 7 skinny in the clip official video for the device, but there is only one way to prove that the phone is solid, this method is to use the phone to nut. Well, maybe this is not the right way to do it, but why do you need it? After all, we’ve been filming this video by Lin Bin, a co-founder of Xiaomi.

And not only that, he has been filming the video at 960 fps using phone Xiaomi Mi8 even be able to see the process of Arbitration in slow motion. To be clear, I crash the walnuts into small pieces.

I’ve officially confirmed that your phone is Redmi Note 7 will get Night Mode which we’ve seen in the flagship phones of Xiaomi company, so is this video a hint that the Chinese company will bring the ability to shoot videos and slow motion rate of 960 framework to the phone Redmi Note to 7? Currently, this phone officially supports the possibility to register several modes include 1080p@120fps and 720p@120fps. For the processor Snapdragon 660 user in this phone, it supports the possibility of filming a video slow motion 720p at the rate of 480 frames per second. Managed company Xiaomi to provide the ability to export 720p at the rate of 240 frames per second on the phone Xiaomi Mi8 Lite which uses the same processor. However, there is space for development, but only in the case if the camera and other components capable of it.

Keep in mind that even the processor Snapdragon 845 he can’t actually video recording slow motion at a rate of 960 frames per second but it has a faster processor and a voice which allows him to achieve it with the help of RAM DRAM built-in camera sensor.


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