The head of the company Meizu confirms that Meizu phone 16 associated will be less than 615$

Meizu 15 Plus

We got recently several leaks and rumors related to the phone Meizu 16 leaders of the company Meizu, and now it seems that we have additional information about this phone, but this time relating to the price note that this new information comes directly from Mr. Jack Wong, he is the CEO of Meizu.

According to the President and CEO of Meizu, it says that the Meizu phone 16 will be less than 4000 Chinese yuan, and the current conflict, that means 617 USD or about 533€. The way the wording of the statement does not leave room for interpretation. However, it should be pointed out that earlier reports have stated that the Meizu phone 16 will be available in two versions, one includes processor Snapdragon 710, while the other version processor Snapdragon 845. Thus, we do not know whether the price proposed by the company Meizu for women, medium, or high-end version of the Meizu phone 16.

It is worth mentioning that the founder and CEO of Meizu had explained earlier that Meizu phone 15 is by the company to test the water is tested, while the Meizu phone 16 will be the flagship Phone of the most advanced greatly through the use of the capabilities of the Processor Snapdragon 845. However, previous reports as we have mentioned earlier that Meizu phone 16 will come in two versions, one will be the Processor Snapdragon 845, while will be the second version of the Processor Snapdragon 710.

But what’s interesting is that the version equipped with the Processor Snapdragon 845 will copper tube for heat dissipation to help the phone to make full use of the Processor while keeping him in a position more comfortable during long gaming sessions. This is not the first time that we see companies use the heatsink especially for the processor in its smart phones, it already has buy Samsung has done this with the Galaxy S7, and Razer with phone Razer Phone, and Xiaomi with the phone BlackShark.

Anyway, the Meizu phone 16 phone will be a red with a screen covering a large proportion of the interface device, the sensor of fingerprints on the screen, so we can’t wait until it is launched during the second half of this year.



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