The head of Google says that the company is ” not close ” to launch a search engine in China

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Frequency lately that Google is trying to find a way to return to China. It was suggested that one way to think about it is to create a censored version of the Google search engine for the Republic of China Folk. Signed that wasn’t positive on some of the parties, including a group of employees in the company who did the protest against plans to launch the Google search engine controlled in China. However, it has decided that the CEO of Google Now to reassure the employees in the company indicating that Google is ” not close ” to the release of the version controlled from the search engine ” Google ” in China.

According reports from CNN that the CEO of Google, Mr. Sundar Pichai reassured employees in a meeting in the town hall last week that the company will not rush to launch a product search in China, is subject to oversight or otherwise.

He quoted Mr. Sundar Pichai as saying : ” We’re not close to the product launch for research in China “. He added : ” and if we’re going to do that or can do that it is not very clear“, adding that ” the team was in the stage of exploration long ago and I think they are exploring many options. “

The discussion was about these reports part of a regular meeting open to all staff. Didn’t know Google town meeting or a letter signed by about 1,400 employees have questioned the plan and called for more transparency.

Still Google services such as search engine Google and YouTube are banned in China. It was a search engine company is available earlier in China but it was stopped in 2010 after a dispute between China and the United States.



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