The head of Apple says that the company will launch new services later this year

Tim Cook

It’s no secret that Apple is working hard to make up the shortfall in sales of the iPhone. We’ve seen the company make a profit greater than the services and software during the past years, and intends to continue this strategy to offset the decline in hardware sales. To this end, said the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook that Apple intends to launch new services this year.

Frequency since a long time that Apple is working on the development of the service broadcast films and serials, television programs, own to compete with the likes of Netflix. And many expected the arrival of this service in the past year, but now it seems that the company is targeting a launch later this year.

During an interview with the channel CNBC, said Mr. Tim Cook that Apple plans to announce new services this year. Unfortunately, I didn’t reveal to us the first man in the Apple for any other details, so it is not clear precisely what new services he’s talking about. This statement was made by Mr. Tim Cook, in response to a question host Jim Cramer about the potential services that may work on Apple in other sectors such as health care and entertainment.

Service may be broadcast movies that are long wait one of the new services the many that are planning to Apple for publication this year. There’s not a lot of clarity in this aspect at the moment. However, Apple set the stage for its launch, it has decided in recent years cooperation with many companies specialized in the manufacture of televisions such as Samsung and LG and Sony and Vizio to add support for AirPlay 2 this smart modern.

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