The harvest of 2018 : all of the pages which was acquired by Apple us

The harvest of 2018 : all of the pages which was acquired by Apple us

In the center of the figures and events of the year, it seems that the only thing that is often forgotten is constantly as the number of acquisitions made by the company Apple quietly.

As part of the coverage of the ongoing annual review for Apple in 2018, we monitor the technology 24 the most important acquisition deals that have already been made during the year .

You should always keep in mind that Apple us is rarely what you mean about the acquisition officially, and instead, believe in general a comment to the record explaining that they “buy companies smaller from time to time” and does not reveal the purposes or specific plans, and advertising is often through the media or through third-party page.

Moreover, in many cases, details such as the value of the transaction and the timing of purchase is unknown, making it difficult to follow-up the subtleties of this page.

The harvest of 2018 : all of the pages which was acquired by Apple us


In January, it was announced that Apple has got on the service application development Buddybuild, Buddybuild company based in Vancouver focused on publishing tools and integration to develop iOS system .

After the acquisition, the team joined Buddybuild to set Xcode engineering at Apple for “building development tools, great community of iOS as a whole”. It was the stated goal of the acquisition is to support platform development with Apple Xcode.

Silicon Valley Data Science

Announced by Bloomberg on January 19, 2018 that the company Apple has acquired a team of data scientists from a company called Silicon Valley Data Science.

The description of the company emerging as a company focused on providing data analysis for large enterprises “to achieve its forecast and operational efficiency and customer relationships”.

After weeks, the announcement was made that the staff of the company’s Silicon Valley Data Science who are hired by Apple to join “remittances in initiatives related advertisements” in the company.


At the time of the announcement of the direct rare, I know, Apple on March 12 that it has acquired the Texture, the site of the famous magazines digital.

Commenting on the acquisition at the time, said Eddie Keogh director of projects at Apple the American Apple “is committed to good journalism from trusted sources and magazines continue to produce stories designed saturated in all users.”

It is rumored that Apple will launch a subscription service in the news early in the spring of 2019, which can be based on the platform of the Texture.

Akonia Holographics

After a quiet summer in terms of acquisitions, I know Reuters news on August 29 that Apple has acquired a startup focused on making “lenses for augmented reality” known as the Akonia Holographics.

Founded Akonia Holographics in 2012, and raised about 200 patents related to technologies and display systems and augmented reality, and collect at least $ 11.6 million of Deal funding.

Came the acquisition for Apple is the company Akonia Holographics at the time reports indicated she is working on the system version of augmented reality or a headset of some kind.


While was detected for the first time about the takeover Apple us app famous music Shazam in December of 2017, but he did not close the deal officially due to regulatory concerns in Europe until 24 September 2018.

Announced the Apple announced the completion of the transaction in a press release, saying it will be in a Shazam application without ads for all users.


This deal was already in December 2017, but did not show the news of the acquisition of his own until 10 October 2018, when Apple has confirmed that it has acquired on Spektral, an emerging company Danish specializes in software development in the presence of persons, objects and digital photo background.

Rumoured that the deal is estimated at $ 30 million, although Apple has not confirmed this figure.


On 10 October 2018, announced the Apple, and Dialog, and the final company engaged in the manufacture of electronic chips, announced multi-year agreement that will allow for Apple, the U.S. Department of energy license Dialog.

Will Apple payment US $ 300 million as part of the deal will be another $ 300 million in Purchase Agreements during the next three years.

As Apple announced that it intends to employ around 300 staff from the Dialog who worked in the projects related to Apple the US company in the manufacture of the chip.

Will the deal between Apple and Dialog to regulatory approvals and is expected to be closed during the first half of 2019.

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