The hacker group seized control of satellites and operators

Researchers in the field of security of Symantec Corp. discovered a sophisticated hacking campaign launched from computers in China. Hackers penetrated the computers of satellite operators, defense contractors and telecommunications companies in the U.S. and Southeast Asia. It is believed that the goal is espionage, intercepting military and civilian communications.

Today we can not say what data had been intercepted, if any. Most disturbing of all was that the hackers were able to infect computers, which manages the satellites. This allows them to change the position of the orbital device and disrupt the transmission of data. As a result, could suffer civil and military installations.

A full report of his discovery, Symantec will release some time later. The information we share with you the company said to Reuters. It is argued that at the moment security had been restored. At least the computers were freed from the control of hackers.

Information about the hacking has already been sent to the FBI and the Department of homeland security and state agencies on issues of defense in Asia and other defense structures. Symantec assigns the blame for the attack hacker group Thrip, the activity of which in recent times was observed in 2013.

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