The group Naspers acquires the remaining shares dubizzle for 190$ million

مجموعة Naspers تستحوذ على باقي أسهم دوبيزل مقابل 190$ مليون

Completed group Naspers investment and one of the largest investment companies in the sector of technology globally, the acquisition of a company dubizzle is “Craigslist” rich from the definition, which is headquartered in the UAE, that came in last April, according to the news, which entail the location of the flash but not advertising time.

Estimated value of dubizzle by about$ 400 million in that time, has paid the Naspers $ 190$ million for acquired 49% of the stock, especially as it was acquires 51% of the value of the stock since 2013 compared to the$ 120 million.

The work of assessing companies that operate online by about 10-fold than annually, which means that the revenue does around 40 million per year, which is what makes it one of the largest advertising companies worldwide.

Was dubizzle was founded in 2005 in Dubai with the aim of presenting the classified ads and allow users in the Middle East by promoting products and services and complete the process of buying and selling, but now it has expanded to 8 countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt, which is what made Naspers which has its headquarters in South Africa to firm up within their investment.

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