The great cycle. When the Bitcoin price will rise to 20 thousand dollars?

Again, back to the story, even the traditional markets tend to repeat the dynamics of their movement from the past. According to many experts cryptococci, Bitcoin is also moving in a similar bullish and bearish cycles. Right now the main cryptocurrency behaves almost the same as before the end of the downtrend in 2014. If the market will maintain its momentum, BTC price will rise to 20 thousand dollars by 2021.

Ready to fly

The well-known trader, Alec Sepsis under the name Rhythm Trader noted some similarities between different time periods for Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency charts for 2014 and 2019 are really very similar. Judging by the price movement ahead of us a relatively long period of a flat, which will begin after the new bullrun.

Sepsis sure that the asset has formed its long-term bottom. At the same time until a new record price left to wait not so much — Bitcoin will rise above $ 20 thousand by the beginning of 2021.

Note that in the previous bearish trend, the market saw a strong collapse of volatility. Investors and traders have lost faith in digital assets, leading to lack of visible activity on cryptomeria. Only now the situation is different — the market players still believe in Bitcoin, despite its strong fall over the past year.

Other analysts point to this fact as one of the prerequisites for a new drain coins. Historical cycles also can be interpreted in different ways. For example, analysts talked about the similarity of the current flat with a lateral movement of Bitcoin in the fall of 2018. We will remind, then it is over a sharp drop in cryptocurrency below $ 6,000.

Even more interesting are looking for in our cryptodata. We also recommend to periodically look at the rating of the cryptocurrency. Inside graphics, the movements and the actual capitalization of projects and the niche in General.


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