The Google Play Store registered 19 million downloads in the previous quarter

Google bet heavily during the past few years on emerging markets, it seems that those bets were correct.

Lots of people would predict that the application will expire and disappear in a few years, but the latest reports released by the App Annie, the Specialized Control applications markets suggests otherwise.

According to the fourth quarter of 2017 has people download more apps than ever in the last three months of the previous year, with about 27 million downloads all over the world via the store iOS iOS Google Play Google Play, which grew by 7 percent on an annual basis.

During this quarter witnessed the Play Store more than 19 million downloads, the highest quarter ever, with an annual growth rate of 10 percent in total downloads, making him the Superior of these people to the Apple App Store grew by 145 percent, which has about 7.7 million downloads, this figure is considered significant because it includes downloads new only, and does not require re-installation or application updates.

However, the report shows the presence of a difference in terms of revenue, as record consumer spending during the fourth quarter of 2017 reached a record $ 17 million in all over the world, representing a growth of 20 percent year on year, which accounted for the Apple App Store for us $ 11.5 billion, while enabling the Google Play Store get $ 5.9 million.

It should be noted the height of the revenue from paid apps, subscriptions and in-app purchases by 35 percent through 2017, as record revenue of nearly $ 60 million in my shop Google and Apple, according to data from platform Sensor Tower specialized analysis of the Application Data.


Source: Google Play Store registered 19 million downloads in the previous quarter

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