The Google Chrome Browser. To download or learn?

In September 2008 Google Chrome was released on Windows XP in the status of beta, after 3 months the company released the first public version of the browser 11 of December of the same year. In 2010, Chrome was released for MacOS and Linux, and in 2012 on mobile platforms iOS and Android. Currently browser use 300 million people (60% of Internet users), the highest among the competitors.

In 2011, Google designer Steve ruru has updated the browser icon, and in 2014 she became flat.

Why Chrome is secure and stable?

The whole thing in a multiprocessing architecture. Each tab or plugin are located in the computer memory in separate processes. This allows you to isolate each tab. If the page fails, it will not affect the browser. In addition, attackers will not be able to get data beyond one browser page.

What is the difference between Chrome and Chromium?

Technically, the browsers are almost identical. Chromium is the browser an open source project, and Chrome is Chromium, but with additional codecs, support for upgrades from Google, built-in metric.

Any manufacturer can, based on the Chromium by analogy with the Chrome create your own browser. Of the 10 most popular browsers in the world 5 created on the basis of Chromium.

Engine Chrome

Initially, the engine Chrome was WebKit, which was developed by Apple for Safari. In 2013, Google has developed its own Blink engine based on WebCore framework, which, incidentally, also created by Apple. Blink is used in all versions of Chrome, unless you consider the iOS version, because Apple forbids the use of third-party engines in iOS browsers.

Chrome OS

Google in 2011 unveiled the first laptops under control of Chrome OS called Chromebook’AMI. Chrome OS is a system where the Central place occupies the Chrome browser. The company wants to move all computing to the cloud. Why do users need a powerful computer when there’s a Chromebook with access to the Internet? This is a good trend, which will continue to grow, and it’s obvious. The future of Internet, so Chrome OS today, probably the most innovative and correct from this point of view the decision.

You might not know

Under the brand Chrome also available Chromebox and Chromebase. The first is similar to the Mac mini, and the second iMac. The latest product from Chrome in the name is Chromecast. This is a small device about the size of a flash drive that when connected to a TV makes it a smart.

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