The Gmail app Go is available for download via Play Store

Allow the thumbnail version named Android jo Android Go for low-tier work as a hobby smart able to browse the web and use apps.

In the beginning of December 2017, Google announced that the thumbnail version of the Android system named Android Go which ensures that the devices work, low-tier at full capacity had become ready.

During the period subsequent purpose Google to provide a version diluted by the application of its core custom Android atmosphere such as Files Go and YouTube Go and Gboard and Google Maps Go through the Play store, so you need this application to a small area to work according to data introduced by the company.

Now, up to the Play store the Lite version of application of Gmail for email Gmail Go, so expect this version to download as a standalone application compatible devices operating by Android jo Android Go, it’s similar to a large extent with the Gmail app basic available for Android devices.

According to the description of the Facilities for investigation within the store, these fast and light weight of the application of gimli includes all the basic features and my favorite users are available within the application platform, so that it can use the contained the most intelligent to keep clean your mail box, in addition to the notification upon arrival of new email messages.

Along with the possibility to read and reply to messages while connected or not connected to the internet, coupled with a search feature cutting-edge to find the messages rapidly the possibility of classifying messages of social and promotional accurately and get less number of spam messages and support of multiple accounts such as and Yahoo Mail.

It should be noted that this version of the application to gimli smaller than the originals and work well, even with the speed of the internet is weak, so that the Gmail app Go is perfect for low performance, which means they greatly beneficial for many users.


Source: Gmail app Go is available for download via Play Store