The glitch affects the Uber app causes problems support for customers and damage the service by Uber Eats

خلل يصيب تطبيق أوبر يسبب مشاكل بالدفع للعملاء ويلحق الضرر بخدمتها Uber Eats

Buy hundreds of users of the bug hit the Uber app for people on Monday evening in the United States and they expressed it through their Twitter accounts and tweet was to the effect that the application has to add additional costs on them for why they do it, where they ask respondents if they hacked the app or something, and reported some customer complaints at the same time present their project during their use of the service of food delivery also Uber Eats.

And there are no additional details for a moment about the quality of the bug that plagued the app is currently the extent of a patch of broad or effects that may track down this problem, the response was Uber the only one on this tweet via the account’s official Twitter think about the holidays and the work of her team to solve this problem, as it turns out, Twitter the following:

In didn’t look uber any details of whether he actually may know the app for the hack or is it a technical problem back defect software as a result of the operations of the development or the Reform conducted by the company on its application; maybe the next few hours will get us a full picture of living arrangements will give the company to compensate users who faced the problem.

The bug affects the application of AWeber cause problems support for customers and damage the service by Uber Eats appeared first on the tech world.

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