The Giants of technology companies China’s move to launch a service of car sharing the investment of 1.45 billion

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Swept the Chinese corporate giant which a trustee is common in the technical field, to form a new company aiming to provide services to watch the cars on the way What do Uber and Didi, etc., which is one of the few times you meet these companies with the investment. It seems that they are hoping to make it formidable competitor to Didi that dominates the Chinese market alone the last two years.

Was using the largest chain stores in China have made the largest investment value of 17.42% for the launch of the T3 to see the car, and then followed by the Giants of the Chinese Alibaba and cement, as well as a number of companies and my car key between the three major companies are owned by the government in the country’s East Asian, where the service would be working in renewable energy in the sense that they will not depend on traditional fuels, but on electricity, which is what China seeks to expand interest in it because of the amount of heavy pollution of traditional fuels.

And is Didi her car in the area of car sharing in China since it bought the work of Uber in the area about two years ago, it stretches your investment from Alibaba and cement, but it seems that the last two would be convened with the service of watching the other cars rely on clean energy.

Recall that the service, the T3 will begin in May or the beginning of July in Nanjing, will be equipped with about 5,000 different car before the start of the process of expansion in other areas.

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