The German Supreme Court recognizes that tools for blocking online ads legal

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Think online advertising is something I think a lot of to deal with when browsing the web, but recently due to the lack of any particular standard is imposed when it comes to advertising online, it is in some cases become those irritating ads and borders. This has prompted users to download tools for blocking ads and install them on their own browsers to block ads from appearing.

There is a question about whether these tools are legal or illegal, but when it comes to Germany, they are as well. The Supreme Court rejected the recent German case filed by company Axel Springer to prohibit the use of tools to prevent advertising, and the court decided in the end that these tools legal. This is despite the fact that the company Axel Springer claims that these tools violate the competition laws.

In a statement issued by Adblock Plus, said : ” We are excited because the highest court in Germany has upheld the right that belonged to every citizen of the Internet users to block unwanted ads across Internet “. As you can expect, the company Axel Springer was not satisfied with the government, there are plans to appeal the judgment to the Constitutional Court on the basis that people who use tools for blocking ads violate freedom of the press by ” blocking online media and its past “.

It’s arguably interesting, so that companies like Google decided to intervene. The company had earlier announced that it would include the feature of blocking ads in the browser Google Chrome, which means that companies such as Axel Springer will have to deal with more than just Adblock Plus.



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