The German national team on football will train in virtual reality

The German football Association signed an agreement with the company Beyond Sports, which specializiruetsya in training players through virtual and augmented reality.

Beyond Sports provides clubs the ability to use in training and tactical analysis of opponents, virtual and augmented reality, in which players get acquainted with the finished scripts of various episodes of the game or the trainers had prepared examples based on real data about the match.

The main focus of the training is done on four types of activities: on the speed of decision-making in the field; correct positioning; analysis of specific episodes of games and tasks with finite execution time. The main goal of such trainings is to increase the tactical awareness of players and reduction of time for decision-making.

I note that Beyond Sports has already partnered with such football clubs as Arsenal, Stoke city, PSV Eindhoven and “AZ” and with players and teams from other sports (hockey, basketball, NFL, tennis, Golf, etc.).

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