The German court fall claim of patent infringement brought by Qualcomm against Apple recently

Since a dispute between Qualcomm and Apple TV didn’t stop the lawsuits, mutual courtrooms where the period has witnessed a fingernail semiconductor company wisely Masters on its rival Apple during short period of time in both China andGermany, but its claim was last made by the court in Mannheim of the German accused Apple of violating patents of its own in Intel chips the problem for the iPhone has been rejected as reported by Reuters.

The came the refusal of the court due to lack of enough evidence to demonstrate that the violation came in response Qualcomm rejecting the decision of the court declaring its intention to appeal again, claiming that the court had taken its decision in principle based on the consideration of the subject of the marriage of one narrow quality output in one of the component parts for the iPhone only.

In response Apple hello the court’s decision and appreciate it on the effort made in this case also took the chance to criticize the course taken by Qualcomm and recently the courts of this figure in order to distract attention from their practice acts and Other Legal which have already been submitted against a number of lawsuits in several different states, it says.

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