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صناعة الألعاب على طريقة Supercell الفنلندية

Have you heard of the game Clash Of Clans soon took famous? The game that make profits fictional and millions of people around the world young and old is? Well.. this game and was developed by Company super weapon Supercell, which is one of the most famous companies in the field of developing games for smartphones.

It all started from here.

The first office of the company in 2010

It was the beginning of the company in the summer of 2010 by six people who know each other through previous work in different areas, where they decided to create a company that started its operation in the city of Espoo is the second largest city in Finland, and the financing of the company by the several companies invested hundreds of thousands of Euro.

When was the establishment of the company did not have founding a complete idea of what the company can become in the future, both what they were thinking is to create fantastic games, fun, loves her audience and continues to play for several years and not for months only, and remember it forever by the players.

The first game company was a competitive game as the Gunshine which can be played via browser or via mobile phones, but has quit the game after a year and a half of its launch for several reasons, then was released several other games for mobile phones but closed after several months because of the change strategies in the company.

The beginning of success

The moment of release of the game Hai Dai

Two years after the establishment of the company was the launch of the game Hai Dai Hay Day is brilliant, which is dependent on the idea of planting and harvesting were borrowed from other games such as farm no FarmVille, this was a starting point towards the great success of the company and increase its revenue, followed by the launch of other games have achieved success over the years.

Game Clash Of Clans soon took think the most successful game company ever, after its launch in the year 2012 only a few months has become the largest gaming profitable in the U.S., and two years later became the Clash Of Clans soon took more games to achieve profits in the world, and the game is popular among kids and adults alike.

The company’s revenue from the games

Over the years company has made Supercell a great profit from their games different, and in the year 2015 the company achieved revenue of $ 2.3 billion euros net profit of 924 million euros, a growth of 800% in less than 4 years compared to the year 2012 have made 78 million euros only, that make it one of the largest gaming companies growing at all.

This success drew the attention of major companies around the world, and in June of the year 2016, the company Tencent Chinese and multinational with the acquisition of 83.4% of the company super smooth, as amounted to $ 8.6 million, where the estimate of the value of Super company gun of about $ 10.2 million by a group SoftBank of Japan.

The reasons for the resounding success of the company


“The best way to earn money from games mobile phones is to stop thinking about making money and think about fun instead” these were the words of CEO super weapon Elka banana ILKKA Ilkka Paananen, to the beliefs and philosophy may differ from the rest of the video game companies, and can sum up the reasons for the success of the company in the following points:

  • Rely on a professional team, the team is better makes games the best, like the organizers of the company that’s building a professional sports team, it gets the titles and tournaments are professional teams, not players, so they are providing the best work environment around the team.
  • Divide the team into small cells each cell or as they call them “Cell”, each cell complete autonomy to work without interference in the affairs of other cells, the cell creates its own game and develop constantly, the company says that the good work comes from small teams through to give it a free space for creativity rather than control it.
  • Building games long-term is the game for years by users, all of the games company Supercell is dependent on the continuous development of the game through a long period of time, and will be in conflict with the time to develop your level and increase your strength in the game, as to Games Supercell do not belong and can be played at any time and continuously.
  • The challenge of supporting all the region has to focus on the Smart Phone platform, from the beginning, the company’s focus to provide games for all different platforms, but with the passage of years the company realized that the best quality to have when you focus on only one platform.
  • To deal with smart failure, the A lot of projects and games that have been closed due to non-achievement of the success required of them and other reasons, with this person in making more games and achieve success, and when you don’t check the game the stars are closed and to focus on the creation of a successful game again.

Donate to charity

me. foundation

The company a lot of contributions in support of the charity, where the staff made a donation in the amount of 3.4 million euros in favour of the draft new children’s hospital in Finland, as did in the year 2015 with a brilliant idea to fight HIV / AIDS through her toys, where they incorporated elements of red in her home, and when buying these red elements is to donate to fight AIDS.

I didn’t write this to the police, where the two founders of the company establishes a foundation forME Foundation which supports many charity, urinating in the amount of € 2.5 million in favor of “Department of youth of the hills” to support the Migrant Network, as well as to collect the tablets used by corporate and distributed to the poor families to enter the happiness on her children and many others.

It’s okay with a little failure

In fact, the number of failed projects that the company Supercell closed more than the number of successful projects, but this does not mean failure more necessary, dealing with smart failure is more important than prevention, once you become the game is not enjoyable at all and don’t get a lot of attention is being closed directly without hesitation.

The company believes that failure is a unique opportunity to learn, and every lesson makes the team better than it was, so when all the project is closed or the failure of the new hotel company a little party for the staff on this occasion, it may seem strange, but the celebration of failure is better than sadness you have, and we’ll talk now about the bigger projects that have been closed by the police:


It is the first year the company Supercell the only game that is not played by the phones, which is the competitive game is played via a web browser, where the idea of the company initially created games is the game of different platforms, but after a while the police realized that this game does not meet the future vision of the company.

The Supercell close the game for several reasons, most notably that it wasn’t from the class of games that plays a user for years, it was the user feel bored after a several months only, as it is difficult to enter the player in the atmosphere of the game without having experienced it prior to this kind of games, as well as the company’s focus on the platform of the smart phones only.

  • Pets vs Orcs

Pets vs Orcs

This game was the first games company for smartphones, and the idea of the game about the village of pets include dogs, cats, bears, turtles, etc., where they are kidnapped by these animals by the goblins, and you’ll build a powerful army to protect your village and stop kidnapping the puppies, the game was launched in 2012 and closed after only several months.

  • Battle Buddies

Battle Buddies

It is a game of strategy and competitive player against player, each player will have to control a team of 6 characters, and each character is distinct from the other in several ways, and play in spaces Game different Thrush, ports, etc., and all the elements in the play space scalable, launched this game in 2012 and closed in the same year.

  • Spooky Pop

Spooky Pop

The launch of this game after the success of its games already, like Clash Of Clans soon took the Hai Dai and the beach, a game match color boxes in a new and interesting kind of Match-3, but this game hasn’t received a success as its predecessor, was halted after six months of its launch in December 2014.

  • Smash Land

Smash Land

This game is considered to break down as much as possible of the opponent’s forces in space game two-dimensional flat, and the characters of different variety of medium, rare, etc., the game was launched in April 2015 and closed after a few months only, it was a close game with a tough decision taken by the company’s announcement.

Games ads

الألعاب والإعلانات - Mobile Games Ads

When we talk about games and mobile phones the main points highlighted is the theme of the ads, where a lot of the games on the ads in achieving profits, and that the appearance of these ads very annoying for users especially that some appear in the position to fill the screen, but he can understand it somewhat being a source of income for Game Developers.

But this trend, although he was entitled to some profit but it does not lead to get the loyalty of the players, the emergence of ads continuously during the playing of the things that make the player run out of this game and maybe uninstall it from his phone, the same thing applies in part on the games that show partner ads in the interface, instead of display advertising in mode full screen.

So it was necessary to invent something new to please the players, something like not to bother them with ads final and earn a lot of profit at the same time, so in the mass depends on the purchases within the game to turn a profit, and depend company Supercell in all her toys on the purchases within the game to improve their profits without any ads.

Games the company’s current

ألعاب Supercell

By games like Clash Of Clans soon took and became the company Supercell is one of the largest growing companies in the world, its reliance on a philosophy of excellence in team building enabled him to launch successful games wowed the gaming world of smart phones, the number of games the company’s current 5 games, we will them with now as the date of their appearance:

  1. Hai Dai Hay Day

هاي داي Hay Day

Launch date: June 2012

You don’t have to work on a farm to be a good farmer, you provide this game a special place to experience work on the land and cultivate the crops growing, there are a large number of agricultural crops that differ in the time of their cultivation and their value when sold, as well as the recognition of trees, and decorate your farm with numerous pieces of beautiful ornamental.

Besides planting crops you can also raise animals like cows, sheep, chickens, etc., through the feed continuously to get their products caps, eggs, meat, health, etc., can be used animal products in machinery for the manufacture of many other products.

  1. Clash of Clans soon took Clash of Clans

كلاش أوف كلانس Clash of Clans

Launch date: August 2012

Join millions in the biggest game of the conflict between the tribes, the son of your own village and develop the buildings constantly, make army your own place of barbarians and ghouls and Dragons and others, and studied them to become more powerful and to deliver your enemies on the battlefield, join the tribe or create a tribe of your own to start conflict.

The game is characterized by the number of fighters a lot and the great diversity in shapes and sizes and, it starts fighters to emerge gradually as you play, can be found on the overall game Clash Of Clans soon took to address the important elements in the game and the way to deal with it.

Made the game more successful than its predecessor, and has become, in two years only one of the games most profitable in the world, contributed to the increase in the company’s annual revenue, and thus was a reason to develop more games that followed by the company.

  1. Boom Beach Boom Beach

بوم بيتش Boom Beach

Launch date: May 2014

Strategy game is fun to lead your navy to attack the enemies and freeing the slaves in the islands, explore the map of marine radar to show more of the islands hidden to attack you, use compilations of different troops in the process of migration, the idea of the plan to the court before the attack, otherwise you’ll defeat the harsh.

You can in the game Boom Beach play with friends within the unit battleship, contain 50 player Max, and open the mission on a daily basis, so that it becomes for all players one goal which is the destruction of the colonies difficult, and coordination between players in the chat about the best way to attack the colonies.

  1. Klášter Royal Clash Royale

كلاش رويال Clash Royale

Launch date: January 2016

He fought in the Battle of one against one and destroyed the towers of the main work, shoot your own troops to defeat the enemy troops in the strategy game fun, use the cards power down smartly to launch the right troops at the right time, notched the victory to improve your level and unlock more of the forces Nouvelles.

This game depends on the main characters present in the game Clash Of Clans soon took, If you have played Clash Of Clans soon took you will not face problem in understanding the capabilities of your troops in the playing area, which is the only game company so far that is the game its actually vertical and not horizontal to the screen of the phone.

  1. Brawley stars Brawl Stars

براول ستارز Brawl Stars

Launch date: June 2017

It’s time to fight and making a lot of inconvenience, choose your favorite character and join your friends to be a team of your own, and go to the playground collective to fight against the enemies, choose the play mode right for you and win for, the more characters and developed it to become the strongest in the play yard.

You think the game mainly to compete collectively within the team, and several modes to play can be in one of them only play individually, the game is characterized by a large diversity in the main characters that you can choose to play and change them at any time depending on the mode you play.

The company and team work

supercell staff

Team work for Supercell currently has about 290 employees from different parts of the world, and a global staff of more than 30 different nationalities, the company has several offices in San Francisco (America), Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (South Korea), Shanghai (China), in addition to the headquarters located in Helsinki (Finland).

Allows the company, through its official website the possibility of applying to join the team Supercell, and the supply of jobs available in the company to accept membership applications in multiple countries, anyone can join the team to work through several steps including testing, interviews, primary and final.

Supercell Company

Whether you are a fan of the games company Supercell or you’re not receiving a great importance for games on the phones, the company is considered to be one of the most successful companies develop games at all, every game of Police games a icon amazing made a lot of players, their smoked game dramatically.

It is true that some games Supercell has failed, but this point is calculated for the company and not them, the main purpose of making games is to make it fun, once the lack of this purpose, there is no need to their survival and must be terminated completely, this is the philosophy of the company is fundamental when dealing with games that require them.

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