The game the latest from the company Ubisoft to be released on the store Epic Games Store instead of Steam


When it comes to gaming computers, it is almost always guaranteed that you will be able to find this game on the Steam store. The reason for this is to measure the Steam store to install itself as a platform to distribute games computers most commonly used in the world, thanks to features like friends list, the ability to read and write the reviews in one place, as well as the ability to make gifts, and many other features.

However, in 2018, the company announced the Epic Games that it will launch her own shop which many consider a direct competitor to follow Steam, and now it seems that there are some publishers and developers who switched allegiances. In line with that, it turns out now that the company Ubisoft will launch the game by Rule The Division 2 on the Steam Store, but will be launching on the store Epic Games Store.

In fact, this step is not surprising, especially if we know that the company Epic Games promised that it will be 88 percent of the proceeds from the games sold on the store Epic Games Store developers unlike the company Valve which provides only 70 percent of the proceeds from the games sold on the Steam store for developers. Thus, this means that the company Epic Games will take only 12 percent of revenue unlike a Vave that you take 30 percent of revenue. Thus, this makes the store Epic Games Store more attractive to developers and publishers.

According to Mr. Chris Early, who held the post of deputy chairman of partnerships in the company Ubisoft, has stated by saying : ” We believe with Epic Games to deliver a smooth journey for all of us, starting from the pre-order and enjoy for a demo of our games down to all…availability of Epic Games to change things in the video games, and its platform for distribution of games the latest example, which is something you want to company Ubisoft Support “.

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