The game “Fire – the era of stay” the first strategy game style battle royal to believe in the Arabic markets

لعبة "نيران – عصر البقاء" أول لعبة استراتيجية بنمط باتل رويال تصدر في الاسواق العربية

In a precedent of its kind, the company contracted my preorder cart Huan media of China, in the development of the first game games strategy and the fight royal, and the game name is “fire – the era of stay”, which by the way is available for download on both Android operating system and the other iOS, however, all be a new precedent believe for the first time in the Arab world and in Arabic before the rest of the global markets, reinforcing the markets in Arab countries in the field of gaming industry.

Game Fire – the era of stay as we have said is a strategy game beyond what is traditional and familiar in these games being the first game to use elements of games to Battle Royale, which was the Vogue World huge like my game to build economies of Knight, each player in the game Kingdom in the map develops and their armies, but this map is progressing with the passage of time.

Here are the players move their kingdoms gradually towards the middle to avoid the consequences of out of them while they compete in a state of constant war to get to the center of the map and control them, deter the attempts of other players and other alliances to take them by force, and to win at the end of the share of Alliance players who need in the middle until the last moment.

Also turn the implementation of the game system of the battles of the newly painted three-dimensions and system of recruitment based on the legions led by historical figures and legendary, so that there are more than 40 leader of civilizations, epochs, different players can join the armies of their system, similar to games cards, the game includes legions of infantry, the Corps of cavalry led by leaders such as Saladin, the Corps of throwers, led by figures such as Robin Hood, with the possibility of players brought together leaders of varying degrees of scarcity through the call, as it can develop the leaders of armies and units are Corps of their element for building fun to the players.

لعبة "نيران – عصر البقاء" أول لعبة استراتيجية بنمط باتل رويال تصدر في الاسواق العربية

In this regard, he noted “Joseph shumai” CEO play Arabic: “we have worked for more than a year on the development of the game Fire – the era of stay to experience the enthusiasm of a unique and it deserves the players sweat, we are confident that she will impress our players, especially being the first of its kind in the world.”

Finally Game fire fire – the era of stay available to download for free and in full on the Android and iOS, to download it go to here or here , respectively.

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