The gallium nitride — innovation market chargers

The main problem faced by manufacturers of quick chargers is safety, efficiency, dimensions. Under the safety of course refers to the heating of the charger. All these problems can be solved with gallium nitride (GaN), which now is used by the company in a new Anker battery charger.

October 25, Anker gave a presentation which talked about the new USB charging C using gallium nitride. We are talking about PowerPort Atom PD1. This battery charger 27W 2.5 times faster than normal charging for smartphones. On average, for 30 minutes this charger is capable of charging a smartphone up to 50 percent. Charging Atom PD1 is 40% smaller in size due to the gallium nitride. It GaN allows to reduce the size of transistors. Using Atom PD1, which is 3 times smaller than the standard charging MacBook Pro, you can quickly charge any laptop with a port of Type-C.

Furthermore, Anker is not the only company working on such products, for example, the company RAVPower preparing a GaN-decision on 45 watts. Gallium nitride is currently used in CD, DVD and Blue-Ray drives, LED. However, right now the use of GaN as a replacement for traditional silicon wafers of transistors became possible due to modernization and cost reduction of production.

The smartphone market is very limited autonomy. Even CPU manufacturers claim that the main problem on the way to higher productivity are batteries. Manufacturing technology chargers and batteries were obsolete and needed change. However, this process will not happen quickly. Scientists face a number of challenges that are unknown to normal consumers, so that, as far as modern and innovative are our smartphones, are determined not by the manufacturers, and scientists who work every day on solutions to the problems in science to make the world better.

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