The future of the Samsung foldable by science fiction movies

For years, reviewing movies, series and science fiction what they can offer young flexible to the consumer in the future, but this future was far from addressing even reviewed the Samsung prototype phone, its folding screen Infinity Flex flexible.

Gave us movies and series vivid examples about the development of young flexible be Process study did not achieve its usual screens before, so they managed three major uses:

1 – small phone, without sacrificing the big screen.
2. the big screens were not able to use it easily.
3. the screen dimensions are suitable whenever and wherever you want.

Now, let’s learn more in this the needs of the company flexible.


Let’s start with the series and world, where he showed us all the possible uses -the aforementioned – in tablet folding can imagine the development of Samsung if phone rollaway use by Delos for all the functions of tablet and phone possible; not only modification of the software to the behavior of the hosts in the world of the world, but to make calls and track the GPS signal and you can expect in this framework.

No more than the size of the device on the tablets now, but with the flexibility of the screen make it a device that can fold to put in the pocket what makes it is have the capability to purification the best.

That next to usability in more of a position; he would prefer Dr. Ford used two parts out of three divided by the screen, while prefer the Delos to use the three parts, which by the way looks like a design tablet Samsung folding.


The movie LOOPER or loopers, it has a picture phone can be folded to different sizes to reflect the usability with one hand.


The TV show that started in the Eighties of the last century, the image device Global Link screen flexible can roll-out until the device works as a tool facing a person such as smart phones, which haven’t started the era of its time.

Appeared different images of the device in the episodes, but it offers a large screen the user can be achieved in the size of her, how he wants, but this screen may be an application screen of perishable − which can be a sophisticated stage of screen flex.


In Star Trek Beyond the screen appears to be determined, according to the source, Chris Charles, come “as a scanner, a small portable, enjoyed by an extensive and diagnostics”; it would be like this screen replacement for your tablet, if we need it in places and times critical like battlefields as used in the movie.


Inspired serial to the prevalence of screens, e-paper to become easy to use like a regular, which can be regarded as the image of the “big screens we couldn’t use them easily”.

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