The future of the company ZTE is still not clear after Congress rejected the US decision to extradite

ZTE Company

May be ZTE company of China specialized in the manufacture of telecommunications equipment in trouble anyway. I assumed the police that she became all right after the conclusion of the deal an initial spend a pay a fine of 1 million USD, and replacement of its Board of Directors and the appointment of the observer American to oversee the operations of the company, but the US Congress thought otherwise.

The voice of the members of the U.S. Senate beginning this week in favor of a sweeping Defense bill that includes the dissolution of the agreement between US President Donald Trump and management of ZTE.

Reported by news agency Reuters that both the Republicans and Democrats have expressed their concerns of the security at two of the Chinese companies, and here it comes all from ZTE and Huawei. Agreed the first company to pay a fine of $ 1 million and put $ 400 million into an escrow account as part of the settlement reached earlier this month.

The ban on ZTE Corporation currently prevents the company from buying components from U.S. companies, including processors from Qualcomm. According to news agency Reuters, it is expected to push Donald Trump to Republicans in the house of Representatives and meet with members of the Senate this week.

Preventing ZTE from the purchase of components from American companies has put the company on the verge of bankruptcy because it puts the place of ZTE Corporation along with its sub-brand Nubia in the smartphone market is at stake. The future of the flagship smartphone ZTE Nubia Z18 is also not clear, even if the phone appeared already in the set of photo-realistic two weeks ago.


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