The function of the ECG in the Apple Watch 4 start to save lives

Despite the inconsistency of the function of reading an ECG with the help of the Apple Watch Series 4, which debuted with the release of watchOS 5.1.2, it really can save lives. As reported by the portal user Reddit with nick edentel, initially he did not put too much faith in the diagnostic abilities of a smart watch. But those really were able to identify in him the signs of atrial fibrillation, which he didn’t even know existed, and literally forced him to seek medical assistance.

According to edentel, it updated its Apple Watch Series 4 on the day of release 5.1.2 watchOS and decided to function test the ECG. The first dimension showed signs of atrial fibrillation, typical atrial fibrillation. Write the result on the spelling of technology, edentel spent another dimension, and then a few more, but every time a watch gave out the same result, indicating health problems.

Apple Watch and health

The next morning, recognized edentel, to think about possible failures in work hours added thoughts about the failure of his heart. To make sure that the Apple Watch just unhealthy, it is suggested to measure his wife, which surprisingly, everything turned out fine. This prompted edentel to get in the car and go to the nearest clinic. “When I arrived, the Parking lot was full, and I almost spat all and left, but looked at the clock again and saw the reference to fibrillation”, — confessed edentel.

To admit that to come to the reception it has prompted a new feature for a smart watch was extremely uncomfortable, admits edentel, but a cardiologist, though, and laughed at him, offered to conduct a survey. And, as it turned out, not in vain. After the doctor returned with the results of measurements, he said that edentel should immediately buy Apple shares because their child just might have saved his life. “I heard about this feature but never thought I’d run into her this morning,” concluded the medic.

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