The fun of shopping the best prices; here is a list of the best sites during the period of Black Friday

متعة التسوق بأفضل الأسعار؛ إليكم قائمة بأفضل مواقع العروض خلال فترة Black Friday

Awaits the shopaholic in every year the end of November to get lower prices to buy their products, so that the period of Black Friday or Black Friday is unique from the rest of the days of the existence of offers and reductions is very high from hundreds of companies and projects, which encourage consumers to exploit that period to buy their needs.

Often more on the follow-up to the world of technology, we have decided to display a list of sites that contain the best performances in the region and the world of tangible products or services.

مايكروسوفت - Microsoft

  • Microsoft

Microsoft has announced offerings to wholesale, where to reduced the price of Xbox One X to$ 399, as announced cuts of about 500 games up to 75% of their original price. Beside the cuts on 154 pieces of accessory for the Xbox 360.

 - جوميا - jumia

  • Jumia

Store offers Jumia millions of products permanently mainly in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and, of course, as one of the largest museums in the region, it began a campaign to Black Friday offers reached 70% on some products, included cuts of more than a million products on the App Store.

أمازون - Amazon

  • Amazon

There are hundreds of products offered by Amazon itself, and other presented by other companies on the App Store, but it is worth saying that the company itself put up offers of its products exceeding 60%, for example, your Echo Dot would be available for 24$ instead of 49.99$, as that device Fire TV Cube will be priced at 59.99$ instead of 119.99$ and other products like this.

نون - Noon

  • Platform n

E-commerce platform known as Nona is the other began its offerings and strong for Black Friday, so that cuts down on shop products reached 70%, and for shopping, this is a great opportunity for one of the most important museums in the region.

قاذر إن - gathern

  • Application of the ejector, the book chalets

Features of the app to provide offers chalets and camps, bringing together all the chalets in Riyadh, Jeddah, Eastern, and education. During the period of the cuts, the App Offers 50% on all services with prices starting from SR 75.

وادي كوم - wadi

  • Comox Valley

Provide the location of the valley is currently running a filter and cuts between 50% – 80% on many products available on the App Store, so everyone can go to the store launch on the offers to choose the products best suited at a discounted price with the current campaign.

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