The French government launches the application freelancing to replace WhatsApp

Developed by the French government applied to instant messaging, encrypted private use by government officials rather than WhatsApp,Telegram, apps instant messaging other.

The aim of the government of the French through the development of this app named Tchap, to protect conversations from hackers, private companies, and foreign entities, is available in the application stores for the Android, and iOS iOS official.

The development of the Tchap necessary, where I think the campaign team of the president of France, Emmanuel Macron Emmanuel Macron, depending largely on the Telegram, and still the French government used WhatsApp, Telegram, in many sensitive conversations.

Staff French government official just register for an account; however, it has provided the French government to the open-source code to develop Tchap on GitHub, so you can other organizations put up their versions of Tchap for internal use.

The government began the development of the application in the month of July 2018, by DINSIC, the agency is the French government responsible for everything digital, and under the supervision of it, the National Agency for cyber security in France.

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The French government plans to enforce the use of Tchap any informal contacts between government officials, agencies, and some non-governmental entities, and civilians selected carefully.

Relates to the idea of this app in maintaining the flow of government communications through its servers inland, away from the services of external agencies, such as the Telegram, or Signal, or WhatsApp, or any application other correspondence, which may be vulnerable to attack, or under the control of foreign intelligence agencies.

In spite of the plans of the French government, only to launch the app is not as planned, they found the security researcher of the French Baptiste, Robert Baptiste Robert, also known as Elliott Alderson Elliot Alderson, faulty security in the Tchap on the same day it was released.

This allows a security bug anyone to register an account, and trade on the internal communication to the French government, found that it is able to register in the app, by adding e-mail domain of the government to his e-mail usual, even in the case of not allowing it to do so.

And repair company Matrix, the developer of the project, open-source Riot, which depends on the application of Tchap, the problem in the same day, is expected to up the patch to users Tchap in the coming days.

Provide cyber security agency of the French it is usually some of the draft cyber security under open source license, just like its American counterpart, the National Security Agency NSA, including system CLIP OS open source, which is a secure operating system based on Linux system Linux engineers developed the agency for governmental use of the interior.

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