The free version of Spotify you can skip ads

Music service Spotify has begun testing a new option called “Active Media”. It is expected that this feature will allow users to skip the ads that do not represent for them any interest. In addition, this move will allow Spotify to compete more effectively with other music platforms.

According to the company, the innovation will affect only customers who use the service on a free basis. It does not will have a minimum viewing time ad integration that will allow you to instantly switch to listening to music. Currently, the testing option is in Australia, but soon the feature will be available worldwide.

According to Daniel Lee, Director of global business development Spotify, such a move would seriously improve the user experience:

Our hypothesis is that if we use artificial intelligence to display the advertisement in which the user is interested and will not pass, it will benefit both us and our advertisers. We intend to use the idea with personalized playlists, transferring this successful experience to the field of advertising.

Recall now that Spotify uses about 180 million users. According to financial indicators, revenue from advertising amounted to 158 million dollars, which is 20% more than the year before.

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