The fraud of the employees cost the company DJI up to $ 150 million in 2018


Revealed company DJI, which is the largest manufacturer of unmanned aircraft consumer that they were robbed of the value of up to $ 150 million because of the fraud of some of the staff. And, apparently, it was some of the staff say they inflate the cost of the ingredients for personal gains, has resulted in these incidents for the loss of the company for about 150 billion USD in 2018.

The company announced the DJI in the past week they bring in ” a number of cases of serious corruption ” in the police which caused the losses amounted to about 150 billion USD in 2018. It is estimated that this is one of the largest cases of corruption that involved Chinese companies.

The company introduced the DJI now additional details on this issue. While the company did not suffer a loss in full in the year 2018, it has had to deal with as a result of this fraud. The company said DJI that the case included some of the staff who did the inflating costs of ingredients. Unfortunately, I didn’t reveal to us any additional information related to this aspect.

Detected cases of corruption during the reforms at the management level in the company DJI. After these reforms, it turns out that employees in the supply chain have taken refuge in the behavior of corrupt to raise prices by an average of 20 percent. According to reports, it seems that the company is DJI the way up to 45 people, most of them working in the division measure, supply in addition to our R & D departments.


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