The founder of Huawei: the United States keeps saying We

Commented the founder of the company, Huawei (Ren one) an excited tone Tuesday on the U.S. actions against his company by saying it is the attempts of the United States to disrupt the global ambitions for Huawei and added that the United States is “worth” more strongly telecom operators in the world.

These statements came from June – published by the media the Chinese government – after days of issuance of the U.S. President (Donald Trump) orders designed to frustrate the work of the Huawei company in the United States, involved months of efforts to block Huawei’s ambitions to become a global leader in networking technology the fifth generation.

Said one channel of China Central Television CCTV: “the current practice for American politicians underestimate the power of we”. He added: “There is no doubt that the networks of the fifth generation of the special Hoi An has will not be affected. With regard to the report of the 5G, you won’t be able to others realizing Huawei only after two or three years”.

The remarks by one far relieve the government of America – temporarily – some of the trade restrictions imposed last week on the company Huawei, a step aimed at reducing the problems that may face the clients of the telecommunications company around the world.

Criticized Chinese media on Monday the United States of America because of allegations of theft of intellectual property, describing it as a “political tool” aimed at the suppression of economic development in China.

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