The founder of Huawei: the impact of US restrictions on slowing down the growth of the company is limited

He said the founder of the company Huawei and its CEO (Ren one) on Saturday: the growth of the giant Chinese technique “may be slowing, but a little bit” because of the US restrictions last.

In statements to the press of Japan, that was transferred by the magazine “Nikkei agian review” Nikkei Asian Review, repeat the one that the Chinese company – which is the largest producer of communications equipment in the world – did not violate any law.

He said one for the Japanese media in the first official comment after US restrictions: “expected to slow the growth of Huawei, but a little bit”, adding that the growth of the company’s annual revenue could fall by 20%.

And Washington last Thursday, Huawei – which is one of the largest and most successful companies in China – to its list of commercial Black, which is difficult for Huawei to deal with American companies, a decision which had been criticized by China and said it would take steps to protect their companies.

Come developments surrounding the company Huawei in a time of strain of business between Washington and Beijing, amid concerns by the United States that China had used smart phones and network devices of Huawei in spying on Americans, an allegations denied by the company over and over again.

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The United States has imposed in the last year a similar ban on the company “ZTE” ZTE Chinese; benefiting compatriot Huawei before lifting again. US Department of Commerce said on Friday: she may ease restrictions on Huawei soon.

Ren said: if the company is ready for such a step, he added that Huawei would be “fine” even though companies like Qualcomm, and other Almudena American others, about selling the chips don’t.

On Friday, she said “Hi Silicon” HiSilicon – arm Huawei specialized in the manufacture of electronic chips: it’s been going for a long time the scenario of a ban on the purchase of chips and American, and it is able to ensure the constant supply of most products.

The founder of Huawei: the company will not receive instructions from the American government. He added: “We will not change our management at the request of the United States or accept the observation, as I did with ZTE”.

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