The founder of Huawei knows about his attitude to invitations Revenge of the Apple

Stated the founder of the company Huawei and its CEO (Ren one) told Bloomberg that the Revenge of Beijing of company Apple is unlikely, and that it will oppose any such moves by China against a U.S. company.

Said one in a tone excited, in the face of American sanctions against his company: the Huawei you’ll find alternatives to maintain its leadership in the manufacture of smart phones, networks, 5G.


And asked about calls from some in China for revenge of the Apple, he said rang: he’s “going out” to any such step, if Beijing was to be taken. Added Ren in an interview with Bloomberg: “if this (Chinese retaliation against Apple) will happen first. Secondly: if that happens, I’ll be the first to despise.”

Said One: “Apple is the leading company in the world. Lol Apple, I was there the internet mobile”. He added: “Apple TV is my teacher, she’s ahead of us. As a student, why I have to disagree with my teacher. I would never do that”.

With regard to the statements of Trump against Huawei, said one: “I see his tweets, I think it’s funny because it contradicts itself”. He added that he would ignore Trump in the midst of the trade war between Beijing and Washington.

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In response to a question about the capacity of Huawei to become the first company globally in the smartphone market, said one: the Huawei is not seeking to it. He also said: “it is good for us to succeed ourselves.”

Carried out one to be Huawei has stolen the special techniques of the United States, said: “it is likely that the United States lists the Chinese and not vice versa”. He added: “If we were in the ass I didn’t need Trump to make a lot of efforts to attack us. Attacking us because we are now more developed of them.”

The remarks by one far the expectations of analysts that Huawei, the imposed US sanctions strict, could see a decline in shipments by up to a quarter during the current year, has been facing the prospect of the disappearance of its smart phones from international markets.


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