The founder of Foxconn will leave his post in the presidency of the company after 45 years

مؤسس Foxconn سيترك منصبه في رئاسة الشركة بعد 45 سنة

Said Terry Guam, the founder of the company manufacturing the chips and electronic devices, Foxconn, he will leave his post Finally during the coming period after some 45 years of his presidency, his role will be limited to directing the company and look at the big decisions, but without interference in daily business.

It can be Guam, approximately 9.4 of the shares of Foxconn which is the company that made him the richest man in Taiwan, the entire currently, the decision will be left to the Office of the management company linked to the adoption of the board of directors during its meeting in June.

According to Reuters, the founder of Foxconn did not move any further details about his successor in the management of the company, but the reports that reached its likely to be if the song Qing, director of its subsidiary, Foxconn Interconnect Technology Ltd, one of the main candidates to fill the position.

Comes read Terry Guam to leave the company in a delicate situation especially since the relations with Apple TV work The Elder started to decline due to a decline in sales of the iPhone originally, so it will be incumbent on the company to search for alternative solutions to improve the income.

It seems that the decision of the Guam was desirable of the lot, where the shares of the company rose to 3.2% after the announcement of the news.

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