The founder of Foxconn relinquish his position after 45 years of Service

Decided to the founder of Foxconn and its chairman Terry Gou development from his position after 45 years spent in the company made him the richest man in Taiwan.

Although Gou will be responsible for supervisory tasks and management for the daily operations of the company, but will remain on the lookout and follow the decisions the main important adults.

Can Gou share of 9.4% of Foxconn would step aside from his post during the next few months where they left the final decision and the date of retirement, however, the board of directors.

Will inform the shareholders of the company to declare the development officially at their annual meeting in June next, without yet known of his successor, except that the Lu Sung-Ching Chairman of the company Foxconn Interconnect Technology affiliate of one of the candidates to the post.

It seems Gou of age 69 years and that lends itself to the younger generations and the next to pick up the reins of the company, while remaining close to her for guidance.

And Foxconn is currently at a critical stage where it intends to cut its reliance on Apple as a client key for their services in the manufacture of intelligent electronic devices. It is estimated that half of the revenues of Foxconn come from manufacturing iPhones for Apple, the American company had warned of declining sales of the iPhone this would reduce demand thereby adversely impact the revenues of Foxconn.

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