The founder of eMarketing: this is the target of the “Facebook” from behind their amendments last

Raised the statement, which was published by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook recently via his account official a lot of speculation on various levels, whether social, commercial, and also health, during which it was stated that it seeks to change a number of properties on the site which will significantly reduce the general content (news, videos, and trademarks) to focus on the interaction between friends and family.

Referring to recent reports that monitor the size of the spending sectors of business and industry on promotions and e-marketing, Ahmed naji, the founder and CEO of emarketing Egypt eMarketing Egypt, in the schools radio program” night online”, that more than 89% of Egyptian companies are mainly dependent I have e-marketing tools, in order to deal effectively and influential with users to pay for the locomotive reported to build a strong reputation for the brand and promoting products and services as well as expansion of many successful target market.

He explained in a head to read Mark Zuckerberg’s recent Special Report of the appearance of publications, newsletters, publications, brand wasn’t in the moment, where he went on Facebook recently to reduce the natural access publications gas financier of the trademark, so as to increase adoption rates of advertising in the shadow as a source of basic profit for Facebook, noting that the recent decision will not affect the companies used advertising possible as a key tool to manage the operations of Email Marketing.

Added naji that this decision comes also in the framework of commitment to the Facebook platform its essence inherent of being a network primarily involved in social communication between individuals, particularly since recent statistics indicate that 95% of the subscribers of Facebook use it to follow news about friends and family not to get to general information.

In a related context, he assured the survivors that the recent developments under the increased adoption of the tools and techniques of modern Marketing Marketing and investment advertising through the Facebook platform because of the competitive advantages offered by the region of rapid access to the target audience and competitive price compared with the tools, marketing and other electronic, explaining that a large number of companies that monitor more than 50% of its budget to marketing of this product.

The software program “live online” is the first program that specializes in information and communications technology, and goes through the station, tone FM, says his Tamer Imam Ahmed area and the immortality of the rare.

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