The formation of the National Council of skills of sector in the sector of “Information Technology”

Announced the Association of companies of information and communication technology “production” for the formation of the National Council of skills of sector, in collaboration with the German agency for International Cooperation and the Ministry of labour and the Ministry of Communications, which is considered the first specialized Council of its kind in the region.

The board is composed of 3 major focal points: the first representatives of the private sector which constitutes the majority in the council, III: academic experts, the third one: entities and government institutions

The board consists of 13 members, chaired by Dr. Mark Nesheiwat, comprising: a pilot chamber, Rana Abu Zeid, Hussein salt, Bashar Imam, Hiba Al-Majali, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, Mahmoud legal, Amjad is Representatives from the private sector, and all of Dr. Arafat OG, and Dr. Ahmad Khasawneh as academics, Dr. Nael aggression, the representative of the Ministry of communications demanded a majority for the Ministry of Labour.

Dr. Nesheiwat, that the task of the council consists in: providing strong leadership to employers able to achieve sustainable improvements in the productivity of the public and private sectors, plus improved competitiveness through better use of people skills and development.

It was considered that this area is a “bridge” between the labour market and systems of education and training to improve the matching between demand and supply in the labour market.

Dr. Nesheiwat, to the new board, will work to achieve four key objectives: the first: to develop, manage, and maintain an effective system of Informatics labour market sector, II: matching supply and demand for skills and qualifications with the labour market, third: invitation to contribute to the improvement of the education sector and vocational and technical training, and the fourth: follow up on all services and training programmes and evaluate their results, and through the Association of “production” as an executive council.

For his part, said the president of the board of directors for the “production” of Bashar al-Hawamdeh, that the formation of this area is continuing and strengthening the efforts of the association over the past years in providing the human capital that is competent and qualified to serve the members of the assembly and the sector in general, stressing commitment to “output” by working together with all the relevant authorities of the educational institutions and other sectors towards achieving the objectives of the council

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