The forecast suggests that Huawei will be a new operating system when you launch Mate 30

Use Huawei to launch their versions possible of a series of Mate 30 later this year, in a new report published in the China it was pointed out that Huawei will be an alternative operating system Andorid system Oak OS in phones Mate 30.

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In the new details published in the report came from China recently, it was pointed out that the system of Huawei new that will destroy or replace the system is landed, he is coming for the first time with the versions of Huawei associated with the phones Mate 30.

Comes the operating system of Huawei New titled Huawei Oak OS, but some predictions indicate the possibility of changing the title of this system later, when the launch system is officially in the versions of Huawei smart phones.

I have started Huawei’s recent focus on the launch of the operating system of its own smartphones, after pulling the Google licensing landed as a result of the embargo imposed on the Chinese giant, which is expected to appear this order in special versions by the Chinese in the beginning that comes an operating system entitled HongMeng OS in China.

On the other hand, stressed in a recent report about the operating system of the Huawei that the company will launch this system formally between the months of August and September, which is expected to launch a series of phones Mate 30 is possible, so we expect more developments and details about the operating system of Huawei Oak base OS.


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