The forecast achievement of the company Google earnings up to $ 3 billion in 2018

The recently published report through one of the local market, which emphasized that the Google company will profit in the end of this year up to $ 3 million of hardware sales of the company in 2018.


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Many companies seek to focus initially on the revenue of the devices and then moving to a focus on services offered by the company, except that Google Inc. subsidiary to buy the Alphabet tended to focus on the achievement of revenues and profits from services rendered in engine searches and Information Display Applications, Google Maps and YouTube in the beginning.

However, the year 2018 comes to a net profit of more buy Google devices that were produced via the police, where the report revealed a market analyst recently about the escalation of the ratio of company profits to Google from devices by 2018.

The report indicated that revenues are expected to buy Google devices this year, up to 8.8 million this year, with the increase in revenue by 6%, increased annual revenue by 65%.

The report also indicates that the revenues of the Google phones Pixel help for the biggest this year, to exceed the company’s revenues from the production line Google Home by a narrow margin.

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Also noted by the analyst Mahaney in his report that the speakers sound Smart also achieved good sales this year with screens Google up to more than $ 2 million, but expectations indicate the continuation of the organs of the Pixel in achieving annual growth in revenue for hardware division until the year 2021.

This includes the hardware division at Google Inc. all organs of the Pixel of phones, tablets and laptop computer, the production line Google sign Nest business for smart devices, coupled with smart devices that include screen magnifiers, voice, where it is expected to achieve this department profits of $ 3 billion in 2018.


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