The flaw in Chrome for iOS allows you to direct users to phishing sites

The hostility that many iOS users have for Google Chrome, in most cases, is justified. Not only that, the brand web browser, the search giant has never been efficiency, and its functionality is often inferior to Safari and the decisions of the competing developers. However, as found out by the researchers in the field of cybersecurity company Confiant, the flaws of Google Chrome is not over.

It turns out that the iOS version of Google Chrome there is a dangerous vulnerability. It allows attackers to redirect users to another site without their knowledge or display a popup with any content on the legitimate web page. This became possible due to the fact that malicious code in banner ads placed on the sites may go beyond the iframe sandbox, exposing users to the danger of becoming a victim of a phishing attack.

Why you should abandon Chrome

To date, malicious ads that exploit a vulnerability in Google Chrome, was shown more than 800 million times. As a rule, they redirect users to fake sites or banking institutions support popular services. Unaware that the site is fake, the victim enters their credentials, which instantly fall to the attackers, thus receiving access to social networking accounts and banking accounts.

The safest browser

Google is already aware of the problem and carefully examining ways of its solution. However, if the information is correct Confiant, at the time of publishing the vulnerability is still not fixed, and therefore, continued use of Google Chrome can be dangerous. In order to ensure security it is recommended to temporarily transfer work to other browsers. In particular, the vulnerability does not apply to Safari, which comes preinstalled on all Apple devices by default.

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