The flagship Vivo with two displays tried to make out, but something went wrong

Vivo Nex Dual Display was presented in December last year. The smartphone has 10 GB of RAM, Snapdragon 845, battery 3500 mAh, two SuperAMOLED display with FHD resolution and a dual camera with 3D scanner. In Nex Dual Display company refused front camera, introducing the second display of excellent quality. It is capable to display beautiful screen saver and time. Thus, by analogy with the Always On Display to view basic information, not including the device.

The main task of the second screen — the ability to do a selfie on the rear camera with a special double flash in the form of a ring, which makes the lighting more soft, using a 3D sensor, you can apply different filters and create a 3D model of the face. The device 700 euros, less than the budget phone from Apple.

Jerryrigeverything once decided to disassemble the smartphone and record the whole process on video, from which we can identify a number of interesting features. First, the device is designed outside the box. All components though are on the side of the main display, the ends continue to the back cover, so to remove it, disconnect it the front — most panel. Because of this, the author of the video had damaged the glass back cover, this can face all service centers, so this solution can be called a failure.

But what’s really interesting is scanner below the display. The video is an obvious hole in the housing for the camera scanner. It is also interesting that the display itself is made of a transparent film. It is still unknown how they managed to achieve such a result.

Another interesting feature is the earpiece, which is able to spread the sound in both directions. Unlike Samsung smartphones, buttons and plugs on the housing Vivo Nex Dual Display is made of metal, which given the relatively low cost is a nice feature.

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