The first video for the Huawei my 30 pro

أول فيديو لهاتف هواوي بي 30 بروthe first video for the Huawei my 30 pro

The first video for the Huawei my 30 pro

After less than a week, precisely on 26 March, will launch a Chinese company Huawei from the French capital of Paris, will launch its phone the new flagship of the Me 30 in several models.

Won Huawei in a referendum in 2018 at the level of the site wot should the title of my best company was opened by a smart phone (dead 20 Pro) .

It is not surprising to see this week intensify to combinations and choose the phone, including this short video (10 seconds only) to appear by phone for the first time in full.

According to the site which published the video, shot in one of the factories that manufacture the protective screen of the phone to calculate Huawei, where it is testing a fingerprint sensor for the phone, the bottom of the screen, more than once, to ensure that it works efficiently.

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