The first users are delighted with the Apple Card

The Apple Card is a new service from Apple that will allow not only to control costs but also to produce a personalized card without the need to contact the Bank directly. Despite the fact that prior to its release is from a few weeks to a few months, the service is already active, serving hundreds of users in the United States selected to participate in the preliminary testing. As you might expect, they all just loved the Apple Card.

According to General Director of the Bank Goldam Sachs David Solomon, acting as the Issuer’s credit card the Apple Card, the latest Apple is what so long lacked the banking sector. Solomon uses the Apple Card, and he can’t get enough of how simple and convenient service.

The Benefits Of A Apple Card

“[Apple Card] is still in beta testing, so access to it is only open to some employees of Goldman Sachs and Apple. They have already received their cards. I personally use the Apple Card and I like how the service works. I like the simplicity and seamless, but when it comes to paying bills, I can visually see what I have already paid for, and that – yet,” — said Solomon.

Similar views, according to Solomon, adhere to regular employees of Goldman Sachs, which was allowed to test. In General, said a top Manager, the excitement we are seeing in the testing phase, suggests that the Apple Card has a great future. Users waiting for the release of this service as, perhaps, did not expect any one another, said Solomon.

Why we don’t need the Apple Card

Russians are difficult to understand, which so pleased the first users of the Apple Card. After ordering the card, and then keep track of all your purchases, get alerts about stocks, the necessity of making the minimum credit card payment and other online banking transactions in Russia for a long time. Affects relatively young domestic banking sector, which was more flexible than the us. Ultimately, this led to more rapid introduction of Russia’s newest technologies and breakthrough solutions, from convenient banking applications to contactless payments.

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