The first technique at all to go digital so 60 time provide phones for OPPO Reno

Today smart phones for the users wherever their destination, it is no longer their role limited to just being a way to connect to the world, it has evolved to become much more than that. With the launch of the first technology in the world to go digital even 60 once in the phone for OPPO Reno 10x Zoom Edition revolutionary, users will be able to get the photography experience is unsurpassed. It is the phone for OPPO Reno Series enables users to capture images more vivid and beautiful than ever thanks to the advanced camera that is unprecedented, especially when it comes to picking up the smallest details.

Since its inception, put the OPPO in mind an ambitious goal, is to draw the contours of a new sector of smartphones and the definition of their technology revolution, the efforts resulted in the launch of devices with revolutionary incarnation in the series of phones Reno new. Technically, the digital zoom up to 60 times provided by OPPO Reno Series other concepts prevailing in the world of photography using smart phones, the phone comes OPPO Reno 10x Zoom Edition with build-in camera triple lens essential accurately to 48-megapixel and the lens is close to 13MP camera and lens widescreen 8-megapixel and can capture high-definition images to accurately 48 megapixels, and comes enhanced with the installation of ultra high-definition up to 10 times; stabiliser optical (OIS) double; and the possibility of filming video in 4k; and other techniques for OPPO sophisticated style mode night Ultra Night 2.0 and Dazzle Color.

Using the camera mode of the tripartite, the phone OPPO Reno 10x Zoom experience photography unique, and gives users the ability to capture clear images from a distance. Therefore, apart from the library which is available users of the concert, will be able to get the perfect footage of the artists favorite and they’re standing on stage as if they were beside them; it will consume the ability to record observations of the city on display during the conference, will be the fine detail present in the images of tranquil nature that adores her. Picture photos that can be captured using هاتفOPPO Reno Series equipped with the digital zoom up to 60 times, compete with those images that boast by professional photographers with professional photography and cutting edge.

And the principle of operation of the camera of the tripartite to take a picture of one of the growing number of the three with what almost guarantees more safety shots, which enhances tend هاتفSeries OPPO Reno the report of his revolutionary training digital even 60 times, to the sport of his competitors. This means that the user extremely clear images and full details of the assembly, regardless of the extent of rounding that was used to take the snapshot, which result in making the experience of photography an exceptional by all standards.

In addition to the imaging capabilities stunning, enhanced screen for OPPO Reno Series all-in-users photos that they took. But they are more smart phones neater and creative in terms of design, celebrates the series for OPPO Reno by providing the opportunity for consumers all over the world to express themselves and explore life and encourage them to fight the different experiences and follow their passion to invent an all-new, the start of the new approaches to the Fine Arts and other. Has been industry screen phones OPPO Reno Series using a glamorous gives users visual experience covering the full range of space Chromaticity DCI-P3, enabling them to experience the beautiful colors and immersive andis protected with “Corning Gorilla” of the previous generation. Thanks to all these techniques, users would be happier to take pictures of and display them on the screen to reveal them for their brilliant skills in photography, the smallest aesthetic details.

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In addition to the Enjoy phones, for OPPO Reno Series of cool design and fun, not to mention the possibilities of the photography is stunning, providing users with a strong performance, whether it is used to capture the image of a professional, add my business photographic art world, or with the aim of taking selfies amazing.

Will be available for phone for OPPO Reno 10x Zoom Edition with with the digital zoom up to 60 times the long-awaited, starting on June 3, the next memory random access capacity of 8 GB, the memory storage capacity of 256 GB have a selection of retail stores in the United Arab Emirates in green, black and dark at the price of 3299 AED.


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