The first speaker of my creative style frames and tan

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Announced Pirelli for its cooperation with the net of one of the Italian companies of high level to create a sound experience new revelations from the racing car has led the collaboration to the innovation system hi-fi exclusive, and featuring speaker modern Bluetooth within a replica for under and tan, which called for Pirelli to the teams involved in the championship of Formula 1 with the aim of testing aerodynamic.

Think “wind tunnel” of the main tools adopted by the teams of Formula 1 to the study of all aspects of flow of the air, in the continued search for the achievement of optimal performance, where the play frames play a crucial role, and model F1 and tan, I have a system Pirelli P Zero ™ sound PIRELLI P ZEROTM Sound sound of net, which is a small frame establishes new standards in terms of design and technology, to continue across the path of his own musical.

The system includes audio amplifier and a powerful sound processor digital signal 100-watt, equipped with other voice 100 mm speaker, voice of silk, the size of 25 mm, and the industry of the entire system in Italy via a company in Modena, which has its attention to detail fine workmanship manual, and a passion for her products unique.

Thanks to the latest technology 4.0 Bluetooth ™ APTX, can be related to the system of the Pirelli P Zero ™ sound wirelessly with smartphones and other compatible devices, and the audio signal in the wireless mode, ensure the best operation possible.

The system is available Pirelli P Zero ™ sound nine different colors reflect those used to distinguish compounds of different race, thanks to their attractive shape and dimensions extremely compact “330 mm diameter with a depth of maximum 200 mm”, can chime this piece is inspired by the design with any location, to lend it a unique touch and original.

Will review the solution of the new sound for the first time directly before the starting of the race award France Grand Formula 1 World Championship, will be held on Friday, 22 June 2018, in the castle of Chateau de Costa, Lou Castel, where it acquired a Pirelli on this castle is amazing for the reception of VIP guests at Casa Pirelli.

Can watch the Pirelli P Zero ™ sound in program fast lap policies of the formula of the Pirelli, where the meetings of the fast laps during the Grand Prix this year.

Recall that the net stray audio systems exclusive made entirely in Modena by the method the same passion that characterizes more car hacks famous in the world, these solutions include the exceptional acoustic of Matteo Panini a bridge between the world of the automobile acoustics, in the form of unique elements, and mastery of each product alone manually, to be integrated also with the exhaust pipes of Cars hacks, captures the inspiration behind the brand and her vision of the ideal.

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