The first smartphone with a camera under the display will be presented on 26 June

Remember a couple weeks ago Chinese companies OPPO and Xiaomi have all demonstrated the first prototypes of smartphones with selfie-chamber, located directly under the screen? Then we talked about the eventand speculate on why we may not see smartphones with a camera under the display before the 2020. However, apparently, our forecasts won’t come true, at least this tells us the OPPO itself.

Smartphone with edge-to-edge screen and bad “frontalka”

Installation of the front camera under the display seems to be the apogee of design “frameless” screen in the smartphone, as its successful implementation does not require any cut “bangs”, holes in the screen, leaving a mechanical body modules or other different solutions of the puzzle called “smartphone with edge-to-edge screen.”

Although we wrote several times about the patents, indicating that smartphone manufacturers are working in this direction, recently shown Xiaomi and OPPO prototypes still was a surprise and pleasantly surprised us. However, OPPO didn’t seem to stop, and the prototype you see above, ready to become a real retail device, and it’s going to happen on June 26.

Likely to place the camera under the display of the smartphone is the best solution, if we are talking about “bezremontnoy”, but the worst when it comes to quality selfie, which is why we can’t wait until OPPO will take the stage for the upcoming MWC, which will take place next Wednesday, and tell us what she did to put the camera module between the pixels of the screen.

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