The first Russian santamobile tested on the track of Formula 1

On pages of our site we have already told you about the project of the first domestic santamobile SOL. Then it was just a concept (made to the same scale 1:6). Not everyone believed that the concept will get a logical continuation, but it happened. And recently the first Russian santamobile passed a test drive on the highway Formula-1 in Sochi.

Recall that for project SOL is a team Polytech Solar Team from the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great, and the technology used in the design of santamobile, can be used in the future and to create automobiles for the mass market. According to the head of Polytech Solar Team Eugene Zahlebaeva,

“This concept car is our first experience in creating santamobile. It fills bumps and are confident about the future, next time to make a new car with improved characteristics. Now we’ve successfully tested at the “Sochi Circuit”, and the next step will be participation in the American Solar Challenge competition.”

American Solar Challenge will be held in USA from 14 to 22 July. In the framework of competing solar cars, and the route length is about 3,000 kilometers. Remarkably, in the project of creation of SOL participated and “Kaspersky Lab”, which was engaged in protection software from cyber attacks auto. During the test-in Sochi the vehicle driven by the driver, the pilot program of development of the Russian SMP Racing Motorsport David Markozov.

“In Sochi, the car reached speeds in the area of 85-90 km/h, and the tests in Pulkovo airport machine showed “a hundred,” but there was a straight stretch. The ultimate goal is to gain a foothold in the race, this is the first and the second is to try to continue to push the car in the commercial channel. The project is directed to undergraduate and graduate students have improved their professional competence. This is a project from scratch, created design documentation, conducted a search of the sponsors, was produced, assembled, and then the race. The car was initially designed for participation in the competition.”

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