The first reviews of the iPad mini: the best tablet compact

Not so long ago Apple introduced an updated iPad mini. The tablet has not received major changes in the design of the device is acquired only current processor technology and a True Tone Apple pen Pencil. A few days before the alleged start of sales, new items came into the hands of journalists from leading Western publications. What conclusions were made after a preliminary acquaintance with the device?


The novelty looks almost the same as the iPad mini 4, which was released in 2015. Yes, the updated tablet has got the support of technology of facial recognition Face ID, and the frame around the screen is still being felt. But this is not a disadvantage.

The new iPad mini is primarily intended for those users who do not fit the iPad Air, dimensions. And I admit that those users can be many. Outstanding power in such a compact package is really impressive.

However, for everyday option, in my view, more fits iPad (2018). Of course, Apple A10 chip equal in power to Apple A12 Bionic, but the tablet has other benefits, such as price and screen size.


I’m glad Apple decided not to abandon such a convenient format. But I have serious doubts that this tablet is the right choice for most consumers.

I’m a bit disappointed that Apple have updated the tablet only. I’m sure the company could come up with something more than just another hardware upgrade.

The new iPad mini is extremely comfortable to carry — it is lightweight and occupies a minimum of space. But I would still would choose between iPad (2018) and iPad Air, if I had to choose a tablet computer for personal use.


Three years later, we finally waited for the release of its iPad mini. Unfortunately, the novelty has not received such dramatic changes as a series of iPad Pro.

The cost of the tablet surprised $ 399. There is every reason to believe that the price will scare many. I am glad that there is an alternative in the form of the iPad (2018) for $ 329. At the same time, I have no doubt that the compact format will find its loyal fans and followers.

The update was the evolutionary — and for some, it’s even a plus. Old, but proven format.

Pocket Lint

New iPad mini got a huge leap in performance compared with its predecessor, last year’s 9.7-inch iPad. If you need a compact tablet — the choice is obvious.

The tablet can be used with pen, Pencil Apple and third-party Bluetooth keyboard that allows you to use the device at work. Alas, any alternatives to the competition just yet.


There is no doubt that iPad mini will be extremely popular in the industrial and medical industry. This is the perfect tablet for record keeping and other undemanding tasks.

Performance trends is the same as the updated iPad Air. This is a very fast tablet computer. Device screen is excellent, with no air gap and with excellent color reproduction.

Finally, we have some certainty in the iPad lineup. If you want a cheap tablet, get an iPad (2018). But if you need a compact tablet, the choice is very clear — the iPad mini.

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