The first realistic look at the Galaxy S10

Experiencing 2019 tenth anniversary of the launch phones of the S series of Samsung, and we seem to be on after 6 months of seeing the Galaxy S10 features an entirely new design according to leaks. Today, Wednesday, the Ice Universe model the initial potential of the phone under the name of its symbolic meaning “Beyond”.

The pictures show a phone, but parties, somewhat similar to the phone oppo find X, where sensors completely out of reality, this corresponds to leaks that claimed to use Samsung for headset calls provide the technique of bone conduction that transmits sound to the user’s ear via the vibration of the screen, and also complies with to talk about that S10 will screen 6.2 inch.

But it doesn’t seem clear to us how you will embed the front-facing camera which is rumored it will support the recognition of three-dimensional on the face, as a Face ID from Apple.

It also appears that Samsung will remain on the custom button to launch her assistant Baker, which we see down volume button on the phone frame the left.

It is said that the disclosure of the S10 will be in the month of January next, to allow the opportunity to launch the phone Samsung folding during the Mobile World Congress in February next. Knowing that listed here, such as leaks and has not been confirmed officially, it is set to be S10 just updating from S9, but we really hope to get the design of the mg.

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