The first real picture of a black hole

After years of relying on the photo industry that is in development via the computer, was the first real picture of a black hole, finally the result of the efforts of the scientists in the project “Event Horizon Telescope” which is an international partnership formed in 2012, to try to control the immediate environment of a black hole.

And the picture on the ring of light is unbalanced surround the circle, dark in the heart of the area known as the “messier 87”, which is located about 55 million light-years from Earth. She also emphasizes that the black hole is already large, with a mass of 6.5 million times the mass of the sun. Apparently, this picture was very difficult, as it requires global cooperation was not possible until recently.

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I took the picture connected to eight of the telescopes located at high altitudes, including the telescope and the existing mandates of Arizona and Hawaii, in addition to Mexico, Chile, Spain and Antarctica, and then telescopes located in France, and Greenland, to reach the highest accuracy of Angular to capture such images from a distance.

This technique of Long Baseline Interferometry Very, also included synchronization of atomic clocks taking advantage of the rotation of the Earth. It has all of the supercomputers at the Max Planck Institute and data Massachusetts Institute of technology, combining the average petabytes of raw data from telescopes.

Although the picture is not clear, but they demonstrate and support the theory of relativity explained by Einstein decades ago.


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