The first process of dismantling the phone iPhone 11 Pro Max stresses coming with a battery capacity of 4000mAh

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Someone managed to already disassemble the phone iPhone 11 Pro Max and found a surprise waiting inside, a battery with a capacity of 4000mAh, or with a capacity of 3969mAh specifically. In fact, this figure corresponds to the number we found in the list of the specifications of the phone on the authority website calls the Chinese TENAA.

The rating of the battery in the range of 15.04 Wh, representing an impressive increase by 25 percent from a battery 12.08 Wh used in phone iPhone XS Max. I used the Apple again battery L-shape to provide the phone the biggest battery possible with Apple used this design for the first time in the iPhone X.

Apple announced that it will be used for rare earth metals recycled to make engine vibration Taptic Engine. This is extremely important because the engine vibration this is made of 1/4 of the rare earth elements used in the phone fully.

Part of the reason behind this step is to ensure the stability of the level of supplies. However, this is not an easy task because it is to use these elements in small devices such as speakers and motors, which makes the recycling process difficult. Recycling of 100 thousand units of the iPhone lead to the recover 32 kg of rare earth metals.

By the way, revealed to us the body calls the Chinese TENAA also Phone iPhone 11 Pro Max includes 4GB of RAM, which assures us of what mentioned performance tests on the platform of Geekbench already.


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