The first platform to exchange experiences in the field of e-Government

In the shadow of the digital transformation in the institutions and bodies of government, in a move that underlines the importance of exchange of experiences and best practices, and follow the latest developments technology, on the basis of achieving the objectives of the kingdom’s vision 2030, was the idea of young Saudi, Mubarak Al-dosari in the launch of the first platform specialized Arab of its kind in the field of e-Government; aim to spread and share knowledge in this area is innovative.
The organization aims – launched its official website on the link – to promote knowledge exchange and to support digital transformation, open the folder for the experienced to publish and share their experience and knowledge and develop a broader framework, and gain experience in return, it also aims to take advantage of best practices and standards of the local and global in the field of e-Government to enrich the knowledge, secure the expertise of workers and specialists of the Council and develop their skills and perform their work faster and more efficiently.
And adopts the idea of region on the To-do lists Checklist as a background service allocated to assist in the installation and reminders of tasks and actions required or points that must be checked or ascertained, as the region offers to its users publish their experiences and their best practices through these lists, which are displayed grouped by the sections and the user can save them and modify them and use them private and share them with team work, or re-published in general on the level of the product.
Feature product interface simple and clear; can be added to a quick list by clicking on the button (+ new list) at the top of the page, and easily write, edit and delete task and prioritize with drag-and-drop, and allows to determine the organization of professional brand, in addition to the auto-save feature and synchronize lists and other features of the other.

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