The first plant on the moon and other news of high technologies

In the world of high technology is constantly going on so much that even we sometimes difficult to choose the most interesting. But we were still able. Pleasant viewing!

1. Not have time to land on the moon first plant, it immediately died because of the cold nights.

After January 3, the spacecraft “Chang’e-4” made a successful soft landing on the surface of the back side of the moon, China’s space control center gave the probe the command to start a biological experiment. The unit began the flow of water in a closed ecosystem, initiating the growth process of seeds.

At first everything went great, but on 13 January due to the lunar night (the complete absence of direct sunlight, lasts about 15 earth days), the probe “Chang’e-4” entered in hibernation mode. The temperature on the surface of the satellite has dropped to -170 degrees Celsius. Of course, at this temperature very few that can survive, so the only sprouted the germ of the cotton seed from the occurrence of moonlit nights have lived only for one day. About the fate of other biological samples is not reported, but most likely they suffered the same fate. So to grow potatoes there yet won’t.

2. I think we are already used to charge smartphones, tablets, scales, and even toothbrushes — this is a fee for the presence of “smart” functions of a device. But what if you have to keep track of charging and even sneakers? One such model — Adapt BB showed Nike. Shoes are not only unable themselves to tie the laces, but also “friends” with the smartphone app.

The point is, to perform a ligation of such shoes can be right during a basketball game — to do this, click one of the buttons on the very sneakers. More fine tuning available with Nike Adapt. Built-in motor determines the desired degree of density of planting and adapts to the foot of its owner.

Interesting, will add these sneakers, in order not to be late for the bus? Do not forget to charge them, Qi wireless station for this purpose is included in the package.

3. Meanwhile, the world’s first “hotel robot” was fired…half robots! Of the 243 cars were only half — the rest was replaced by people, because they considered their work more effective. “Leather Fuckers” again was ahead!

Embarrassment enough: for example, the reception was decorated with two robots (the velociraptors) that was supposed to help with check-in. In fact all the work for them was done by people, because the machines were not able to make copies of documents. In addition, guests were greeted by a robot assistant that could not even tell you what attractions are around the hotel (it is now even capable of voice assistants).

The problem with robots-porters who could not work in bad weather, brought the Luggage in each room and constantly bumping into each other, losing precious suitcases. In the rooms also was not all plain sailing: guests complained that the robots awaken them at night.

So robotic future is waiting for us soon.

4. Already bought a Tesla? Even if so, she needed somewhere to charge! So Tesla introduced the first home charging station, which can be connected to a wall outlet.

Charger plugs directly using the NEMA 14-50 is the most common high-voltage plugs in the United States. The new offer provides up to 40 amps most of the Tesla vehicles, while Gen 2 Mobile Connector – 32 amp. And connected to Wall Connector recharges even faster. Tesla wants to write a new product between the two previous chargers: it’s faster, looks prettier, but slower and cheaper than a full built-in solution.

In order for electric vehicles “breathe” full chest, they need extensive and modern infrastructure – filling stations and chargers in homes. And there, staring, and quite from gasoline engines don’t.

5. While you are building the country, China has announced plans to build a lunar base! In addition to the scientific research and experiments during the space mission “Chang’e-8” China wants to conduct an audit of key technologies that will lay the Foundation for building a research base on the moon.

One of the interesting questions now is the possibility of the construction of buildings and structures on the surface of the moon using lunar soil and technologies of 3D printing. Scientists want to study the various geological features of this region, the physical composition of the soil and to evaluate the surrounding space environment of this region.

The pace of China risks to overtake all the development of the Solar system, don’t you think?

These are the main news from the world of high technology for the week. How do you like them? Tell us in our Telegram chat.

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